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Troy Olds is an independent coach who helps people get clarity around what they really want in life and shows them how to develop a plan to achieve it. He works as a Business Results Specialist for Robbins Research Intl. Tony Robbins companies and is a certified Gender Intelligent, Mars Venus coach by John Gray. He is 19 years active in a 12 step recovery program and is dedicated to becoming the best version of himself while helping as many people as he can while on this planet. 

"We move toward whatever we focus on. Humans are amazing and can create any reality that they choose. However, most people do not realize that they are not choosing, but that their unconscious mind is choosing for them. 

They self sabotage. Not intentionally but by distraction, confusion or exhaustion. The list goes on. They just don't seem to stay the course. 

I help people set a new course for their lives by getting rid of limiting beliefs and inconsistencies in their thinking so they can develop a plan and take action on achieving whatever they want."